Reposting my homework

Now is the end of the summer semester at the University of Tokyo, also known in my graduate school as "report writing week" (there is no other kind of examination). I thought I would repost my answers for the one on "Internet Architecture" here, not because of their quality, but for mainly two reasons. First, it helped me gather some motivation to write that report ;) Second, I remember my days as a high-school student.

When I was in high school, and later on in classes préparatoires, I would always crawl the Web for information to help with my homework. Most of the pages I ended on were crappy, written by some remote professor in an obscure university or posted by some guy on a forum. Yet, they would give me ideas and help. Writing this report, I have crawled the Web starting from the knowledge I had, reaching for new bits of information and combining the relevant parts in what I think is a rational argumentation. Whatever the result is, I believe it can be useful to others.

So, yes, I am reposting my homework.

Comic from xkcd

(Comic from xkcd)

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