I'm Stéphane Caron, a researcher in humanoid robot locomotion at CNRS. I work in the IDH group at the Montpellier Laboratory of Computer Science, Robotics and Microelectonics (LIRMM). Before that, I was a PhD student in the Nakamura Lab at the University of Tokyo (東京大学).

You can reach me at stephane.caron@lirmm.fr.

Open Access

I'm a strong supporter of open access and believe that researchers should always distribute their source code. Public research being, well, public, its full output should be published as well, and that includes source code: while research papers often lack technical details, code is law and contains everything for sure. I also like the model of epijournals where the peer-reviewing process is done directly on top of pre-print repositories like arXiv or HAL. On a broader scale, I believe that the next problems we need to solve in our societies are those of transparency and digital rights.

Humanoid Locomotion

My goal is to make robots walk, anywhere: over bricks, stairs, rubble, uneven outside grounds, etc. For this purpose, they will need to learn a few tricks compared to what they currently do: using their upper body to balance themselves, make sliding contacts on extra surfaces to increase stability (for instance to hold a handrail or lean against a wall), and so forth. These are very exciting questions to research today!

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