I'm Stéphane Caron, a post-doc researcher at LIRMM IDH, CNRS, France. My research is about multi-contact motion planning and control for humanoid robots.

I completed my PhD at the University of Tokyo (東京大学), Japan, where I was a student of the Nakamura Lab.


My e-mail is I answer all messages encrypted with my GPG key.(0x330CB35B)

Open Access

I'm a strong supporter of Open access and believe in the model of Epijournals. Epijournals overlay the current peer-reviewing process onto pre-print repositories (like arXiv or Zenodo), that is to say, researchers continue to do what they are already doing, but the output is public. Furthermore, the review process would not stop after a paper is accepted to an epijournal: new readers could write post-publication reviews on the epi-journal's web platform, and also upvote or downvote other reviews, as is currently done on Q&A platforms such as Stack overflow.


I publicly support the Wikimedia Foundation, Le Monde diplomatique, Wikileaks and two other institutions.