Humanoid model for OpenRAVE: JVRC-1

The JVRC-1 is a 44-DOF humanoid model designed for the Japanese Virtual Robotics Challenge by Takasuke Sonoyama. It is publicly distributed in the jvrc/model repository on GitHub. The official files are in VRML, which cannot be used in OpenRAVE directly. I have prepared an alternative COLLADA version:

$ git clone
$ cd openrave_models
$ python JVRC-1

The model is in false colors as OpenRAVE doesn't read textures:

JVRC-1 humanoid model in OpenRAVE

The license (Japanese only) published on the JVRC website basically grants noncommercial use under attribution. If you use it in your project, you can cite it as: "Sample humanoid model for a simulation competition, Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, ref. H27PRO-1843" (シミュレーション競技会用サンプルヒューマノイドモデル、産業技術総合研究所 H27PRO-1843).

Conveniently, JVRC-1 has the same kinematic chain as HRP-4 ;-) See its wrapper in pymanoid for details.

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