My goal is to make humanoid robots walk. Everywhere.

I've been interested in walking pattern generation, a problem that was solved on flat floors and now needs to be taken one step further for walking over arbitrary terrains. My first walking pattern generator generalizes the CART-table control law to 3D locomotion, i.e. walking across arbitrary footholds:

It is by construction quite conservative and tends to generate slow walking speeds. To discover more dynamic motions, my second pattern generator generalizes the standard LIPM (inverse of the CART-table) into the Floating-base Inverted Pendulum (FIP), which is in turn used to discover more "agressive" 3D gaits:

Both of these developments came out of the exploration of new techniques for calculating generalized friction cones, laid out in this paper:

You can check out my full list of publications for all my other previous works.

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